About Starting a Meeting

Who Can Start a Meeting? – You Can!

Keep It Simple

Why Register?

There is no one right way to start. All you need is more than one person and a venue. This can be someone’s home or a room in a church, chapel or other place. You will need to think about how to pay if there is a charge.

The main requirement for a Julian Meeting is that there should be a substantial period of silence. The most usual length is 30 minutes. It should not be less than 20 minutes and can be as long as the meeting decides.

If there is already a Julian Meeting near you it will be helpful to visit and/or speak to their contact person. See our Meeting Directory.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

When you are ready you can register your meeting with us. You can do this online or by post.

Registration costs £12 a year for UK meetings, £6 a year for the rest of the world.

General Information

You will need a name for your meeting. Names are usually the place (town or village) where you meet. You will need two people to be a first and second Contact for your meeting. People to whom we can refer enquirers for more information about your meeting. The second person as an alternate contact is necessary in case for some reason we lose touch with you or you with us. 

Once you have completed the form you will be able to pay by PayPal or your credit or debit card. You will not need a PayPal account to pay by credit or debit card.  You can use the PayPal guest facility or the card facility.

If you prefer to register your meeting by post and pay by cheque you can download the form here.


Your information will only be used to:

Mail the magazine and newsletter to you.

Give access to any account or private area on our website.

Mail information to you or keep in touch with your Julian Meeting.

Provide contact details for those looking for a Julian Meeting in your area. (We usually inform you that we have given out your details)

Provide contact details for other Julian Meetings in your region, wishing to organise a joint event.

UK members receive a Starter Pack comprising a copy of various of our publications, posters, cards etc plus the magazines for the year in print and pdf form.

Non UK members can download the majority of our publications from the website. Sadly we cannot post literature.

An entry on our Meeting Directory. Referral of enquirers.

Magazine and Newsletter in April, August and December. You will receive copies of all the magazines for the current year on registration, except from 1st November as your registration will be applied to the following year. A complimentary December magazine will be sent.

If you are outside the UK you will receive two pdf magazine versions by email. One is normal reading view, the other is formatted for booklet printing should you wish to print copies.

Advertise your meeting and quiet days on our blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and in our newsletter.

Your Meeting will benefit from  general publicity generated by National Council.

Help and support from the Julian Meeting community.

Your registration helps promote ecumenical, non denominational Christian Meditation and Contemplative Prayer

Resources and Information

Printed copies of most of these will be sent in the Starter Packs and are also available to buy from the shop.

Safeguarding Guidelines

The Ideal Julian Meeting pdf

The Ideal Julian Meeting Audio

Going Into Silence, and Coming Out’ pdf A guide to personal silence and leading the silence in a meeting.   Audio file

‘It’s Your Turn to Lead the Silence’ Practical advice for those taking their turn to lead their Julian Meeting.

A4 Poster Trailing Flower

A4 Poster Blue Box

Publicity/Press Resources

We hope that these will be useful to help publicise your Meeting. Please feel free to adapt as appropriate for your circumstances. 

‘Be Still and Know’ editable Word doc

‘Your Local Julian Meeting’ editable Word doc

‘A Short Press Release’ editable Word doc

Register Your Meeting Here