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Please contact the meeting before attending.  Online meetings use Zoom or other video/audio meeting software.

Many meetings share a meditation resource in their homes.  The resource is circulated to members using various methods tailored to the requirements of the members.  Online Meetings and Meetings sharing resources with members are usually pleased to welcome and include people outside of their geographic area so please contact them if you are interested.

Please note: Not all the pins are located exactly on the meeting location. They are a guide.

Yellow icons are both in person and online meetings.
Red icons are online only
Blue icons are in person.

We advise contacting any meeting you would like to know more about as our information about the meeting is not always up to date. Contact us for information about contacting a meeting.

If there is no meeting near you perhaps you could start on. Online, face to face or both.

To view a list of meetings click on the arrow on the left hand side of the black strip.  To view full screen click on the square on the right.  Click on the pins for meeting information.  

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