Quiet Days

Many meetings organise a local quiet day. This can be a very good way to include your occasional visitors and any interested enquirers. They are not difficult to organise.  The Retreat Association has a variety of extremely helpful downloadable free leaflets. Usually the format is something like this: 

  • Arrivals and refreshments
  • Introductions and the usual housekeeping notices as appropriate for the venue
  • Lead in to the first silence with a gathered silence.
  • Extended silence where people can ‘do their own thing’ as long as it is a quiet pursuit. Many people bring art or crafts.
  • Lunch – usually packed lunches or bring and share. May be silent.
  • Lead in to afternoon gathered silence.
  • Silence
  • Refreshments (usually a talkative, sociable time)
  • The day may be closed with a short time of shared prayer, such as evening prayer, or an agape (which is a sharing of bread and wine/grape juice with appropriate blessings). The Grace is often shared to close the meeting. 

You will need to consider how to organise bookings, pay for any costs and how to charge. You can advertise your event on this website and our social media.

If you have questions about organising a quiet day or  if you want to advertise an event on our website and social media please contact our National Co-ordinator. 

We also recommend reading our Safeguarding Policy & Public Liability Insurance guidelines  If you wish to advertise your JM event in our newsletter or on our website you will need to send the form contained in the guidelines to the Safeguarding Officer.