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Read This Important Information Before Starting

After completing the Meeting Registration Form please pay in the Meeting Registration section of the shop.  You do not need a paypal account to pay by credit or debit card, just use the debit/credit card box. 

Some meetings order extra magazines with their registration. You will have this facility in the shop when you pay for your meeting registration. Remember that your members can obtain the magazine for free or with a voluntary donation if they subscribe so that maybe cheaper and more convenient.

We are very grateful for the donations many meetings include with their subscription.  

If you prefer to apply by post and pay by cheque you can download a form here To register a Meeting  Read and download the Privacy and Terms and Conditions statements

There are three categories of Meetings

Online –using Zoom or other video/audio software.

A mix (hybrid) of online and in person meetings

In person only

If your meeting is in person only leave the online section blank.

Many meetings share the readings/music for the meeting by email/WhatsApp/post etc.

The ‘About Your Meeting’ section will appear on our public website map. We do not advise putting personal contact details unless you are happy with the possible risks. You can leave it blank.

It is assumed that all meetings welcome members from outside their geographic area.

After submitting the form you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your registration. Please look out for this in case it goes to your junk/spam folder. Your registration will not be live if you do not do this.

The information you provide will be held on our database and only used to send information to you about The Julian Meetings and to refer enquirers.  See our privacy policy and terms and conditions for further information.

Any questions please contact Meetings Registration