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We recognize that all of us, at some time, may be vulnerable to abuse and that abuse comes in many forms – not simply the kinds that regularly hit the media headlines.  

We now offer guidance to our members, both for those times when we meet regularly in small groups, and for the times when we may plan more public events, locally or regionally.  

As JM is a very disparate organisation – a network of many independent meetings –  and run by volunteers, we cannot do more than issue guidelines.  

 We have therefore written a set of principles which recognise our values as a Movement, together with more detailed protocols. One list of protocols applies to those regular small Julian Meetings held in private homes or Church/village hall premises.  Another list applies to any regional or national “day/weekend‟ event of a more public nature.   One Council member has taken on the role of Safeguarding Officer, and is the person to contact if any member has any concerns.  We strongly advise that, if you organise an event, you check the appropriate levels of Public Liability Insurance you may need.

 This is not something new. Our booklet “The ideal Julian Meeting‟ states the cornerstones of JM traditions alongside the many ways in which we pursue our aims, ensuring that everyone feels safe, secure and tranquil in our meetings and has suggestions for various situations that Meetings might face. It has suggestions for various situations that Meetings might face. These new documents simply formalise how we hope we always value and respect each other. 

They raise awareness of how abuse, particularly emotional and spiritual abuse of power, can arise in the most apparently normal settings.  They may also make us aware of, and sensitive to, some who may be suffering abuse for reasons totally external to our meetings.

Contact our safeguarding officer at our Contacts Page