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About Julian Meetings (3)

The movement was named after Julian of Norwich, a fourteenth century mystic.   Her inspired writings are sometimes used at meetings but JM is not here to promote Julian, nor are we associated with other organisations bearing her name

 The purpose of JM is defined as ‘fostering the practice and teaching of contemplative prayer within the Christian tradition’, and this accords with Julian’s precept that the highest form of prayer consists in simply waiting on God.

“Nothing” is the short answer. We are not affiliated to any particular faith tradition, church, doctrine or dogma. We do not teach any particular method of meditation or contemplative prayer.

Participants will belong to a variety of faith traditions and have a variety of personal beliefs.

We encourage people to find out what is right for them; to discover how they can integrate contemplation and meditation into their daily prayer life and how personal and group contemplative prayer and meditation can enrich each other.

We offer various resources to help along the way. These are all available to read, download, buy and listen to on the Contemplative Prayer and Meditation page of our website

Just remember that an individual’s opinion is their own and not indicative of any official opinion of The Julian Meetings.

Yes, there are several online Julian Meetings and some are a mixture of online and in person. They are all shown with different coloured icons on our meetings map. Online only are red and mixed are yellow. They are shown in the location of the meeting contacts but anyone can join from anywhere.