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National Gathering 2023

Silence and Sharing. Celebration and Conversation. Your chance to take part in a 50th Anniversary Julian Meetings Gathering

We hope to hold the event on Saturday 17 June 2023, at Friends House, the Quaker HQ opposite Euston Station. It is a chance for Julians from all over the country to share in person with others. It would be wonderful if someone could come from most of our Julian Meetings, plus “lone‟ Julians.

Beginning We plan to celebrate the last 50 years, with Hilary Wakeman (our founder) as our opening speaker.

Being We want you to be able to share with each other, and to celebrate all that JM means to you.

Becoming We’d like to look forward to how JM can grow and develop in the next few years.

Be There So we need you to come and share what is good about JM and also how it could be better! We hope there will be lots of conversations, questions, hopes, ideas-and many of you! More details in our December issue, and on the website.

Can’t travel? Join in on Zoom.

For those unable to attend we are looking at live-streaming and recording parts of the event. Zoom meeting attendees will be able to see, hear and participate in the discussions. We have invested in a very sophisticated Audio/Visual package offered by the Friends. Any thoughts or comments on this would be helpful. If anyone is familiar with the necessary technology and is able to help make this happen, please contact Ann Moran